Monday, November 30, 2009

2009 Holiday Cards

Here are some more holiday cards

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Little Miss Presley

Here are some pictures I did for my niece's party back in October.  She LOVES anything that is purple or pink! It was such a fun party, I will try and post some pictures soon :)

Macie's Cupcake Party!

Here are some pictures of a party that I worked on very recently. Macie's mom found some cupcake themed plates and napkins that she found on and wanted to create a party around this. Here is what we ended up with! 

Below are the invitations that I created for Macie's party as well as the door sign

Banner for the birthday girl!

Birthday Crown and Party Hats

Tutu and Onesie!

Confetti and Napkin Rings

Favor Tags

Can't wait to see pictures from the party!

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gavin turns one!

After taking a bunch of super cute pictures of Gavin in his monkey shirt, I decided on this picture and went to work on designing the invitations. Here is the final outcome and the inspiration for the party!

Here is Gavin's birthday banner that I hung in the living room so you could see it when you first walked in the house!

The door sign and napkin rings
As always, I ordered all the plates, silverware, napkins etc. from they have such a fantastic selection and great prices

Here are some pictures of the confetti, favor bags as well as the party tags I used for the food and drinks!

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More of Gavin's 1st birthday!

Last but not are some pictures of the cake table as well as Gavin "happily" wearing his birthday crown! The cake was delicious, chocolate cake with banana filling! Only seemed right for my monkey. I ordered the cake from "The Cake Shop" in Stone Oak, I had never used them before, but I am now hooked!!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why "The Paisley Monkey?"

I have had several people ask me why I chose the name The Paisley Monkey! I must say I went round and round with this for a good month or so toying with so many names but I wanted the name to mean something to me personally.  My son is a year old and is going through this, I want to climb everything phase, so I call him my little monkey! With that I decided to do his first birthday with a monkey and polkadot (another one of my favorites) theme.  Right now you are probably asking why did she not name it the polkadotted monkey?  That seemed like such a mouth full! So...I knew I wanted monkey in there somewhere and now I just had to figure out what to go with it! I decided on paisley because it was unique yet still fun! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It's here, It's here, It's finally here!

I am so excited that the Paisley Monkey website is up and running! I have several parties to post so look for some good things to come :)  Thanks to everyone for their support, I couldn't be more thrilled!

Plan the Perfect Party

At least 6 weeks prior to the party:

*Determine your party budget. Even a one year old's party can get out of hand in a hurry.

*Pick a theme with your child. Try to make it something that you BOTH can get excited about!

*Create a guest list.

*Decide where you will throw your party. Reserve a location if you're having it outside of your home.

*Set the date and time for your party. Keep in mind your child's age as well as the ages of the other children attending the party.

*If you plan on having some kind of entertainment, remember to book early! Good entertainers are in high demand.

*Order your invitations. Remember to include how you would like the guests to RSVP to best plan for the number of guests to expect. Ordering matching thank yous will save you a headache later!

*Start looking for an outfit that will compliment your theme for your child. This may be something that you already own, but you will like your pictures better if the outfit doesn't fight with the colors of your party.

*Start thinking about the decorations that would be appropriate for your party venue. Keep in mind the amount of space you have and how you will use each decoration.

At least one month prior to the party:

*Purchase party decorations.

*Send invitations.

*Purchase plates, napkins, cups, silverware, tablecloths, etc. They may take a while if you order them online. Also think of serving trays and bowls and pick up any that you might need.

*Order an rentals that you may need.

At least two weeks prior to the party:

*Order the cake or cupcakes.

* Finalize the menu and make a grocery list. Don't forget the beverages.

*Decide on what you will give for party favors. Assemble them now so that you'll have less to do when the party gets closer.

*Purchase any supplies needed for activities, music, and games that you'll play at the party.

At least one week prior to the party:

*Order balloons.

*Shop for groceries that you can buy ahead of time and make a list of the perishable items you'll need to buy right before the party. Don't forget candles for the cake!

*Contact those who haven't RSVP'd.

*Charge your camera and ask another adult who will be at the party to bring their camera as well. I have NEVER had a party where I myself got the pictures I wanted...I am always too busy running around. Be specific with that person what types of pictures you'd like them to take.

*Confirm all reservations and orders.

The day prior to the party:

*Pick up the cake. (This can also be done the day of, whichever is easiest for you.)

*Confirm all arrangements by phone.

*Shop for all perishable groceries or last minute items. Don't forget beverages!

*Make sure the beverages are refrigerated.


*Lay out all serving trays and silverware. Plan how you will set the food up to best serve your guests and make it easy as possible for you to set up and clean up.

*Set up and decorate a table close to the door with the favors on them. That way you can easily have guests pick one up on their way out.

*Designate a table or spot where guests will put the gifts.

* Lay out clothes for everyone for party day. Then even husbands can help get kids dressed during last minute preperations!!

*Make any food that can be made in advance.

The day of the party:

*Pick up balloons.

*Pick up the cake if you didn't do that yesterday.

*Prepare any food that needs to be made the day of the party.

*Do last minute decorating.

*Set the table.

*Do a last minute once over to make sure things are where you want them.

*TRY to relax and enjoy the party.

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