Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Decision Making: Work From Home

Decision Making

Great article from my good friend Keely: " I get the opportunity to speak with people who are looking to be home with their family but still contribute to their family financially.  What I see out there is that so many people are scared to make any decision with their life.  Why do you think that is?  I have thought about our economy and how it has changed, I know that is definitely a contributing factor to the fear in our world when it comes to getting out of “Corporate America” and getting home.  But I also see how hard it is for working parents to be available to their children.  With the schools needing the parents support as bad as they do today, the children having so many activities, and all the school work on top of everything else….I honestly don’t see how anyone can afford to NOT be home.  The decision may be a scary one, but think about your life if you don’t make the change.
Work From Home – The Decision You Want to Make
When I was looking for something to do from home I was in a pretty desperate situation.  I had way too much month left at the end of my money, if you know what I mean.  I needed to be home!  I had a 9 month old when I decided that investing time into something I really believed in would be benefit my family for the future.  I took “today” out of the picture and only thought about “tomorrow”.  Have you asked yourself what your future is going to look like?  That question almost haunted me.  I knew if our future was going to be bright, I needed to make a change.  I needed to make the decision to work from home.
Many people don’t make the decision to work from home because there isn’t  much out there that anyone can believe in.  Sure, you can sell make-up, jewelry, vitamins, coffee, even juice, but how are you going to earn a life long residual income from that?  The bigger question is, how are you going to help other people do that?  If you are really looking to make a change with your life I would love to help.  Many of you are getting to know me by visiting my blog and reading what I write, there is a great article on determination I hope you read.  I suggest you learn about the business I have built as well.  I have helped thousands of people work from home and I can help you too.  Visit my website : MAKE THE DECISION TO WORK FROM HOME and learn about a team that can help you with your “tomorrow”.

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